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Potts Pages - Spring Forward
March 10, 2018

It’s that time of year again. Although it is not quite spring yet, we use the phrases fall back and spring forward to remind us which way to set our clocks for Daylight Savings Time. Most of us consider it a necessary nuisance and do it without much thought. Usually, we pacify ourselves by either thinking we gain an hour of sleep in the fall or complain about losing an hour in the spring. It is slightly amusing that we complain about losing an hour as though it is ripped away from us in a violent manner, yet we say little about the time that we piddle away every week.

Spring forward can also be looked at another way. An internet article on HowStuffWorks.com., states that frogs, rabbits, and grasshoppers’ mode of travel is with a spring in their step but that the best-known example of springing is found in the kangaroo. The article goes on to explain the dynamics of a kangaroo’s ability to hop and to say that when the hopping speed is increased, it is one of the most efficient means of land travel. The justification the article gives for this is that when the kangaroo speeds up that he does not increase his frequency of hops but the range, which he hops.

Stay with me on this little science lesson. I promise I’m going somewhere with this. The kangaroo’s body is designed for hopping. The article says that the muscles and respiratory system of the animal operate more efficiently when the kangaroo is springing and that at lower speeds his efficiency drops off.

So, what about us? Do we find ourselves piddling away time instead of living life with a spring in our step? Are we less efficient when we find ourselves dragging along instead of hopping into action and putting some energy behind our daily lives and our service to the Lord? If so, why? The reason is simple like the kangaroo; we were designed for living life to the fullest. This doesn’t mean that we don’t rest when needed. It just means that we live life instead of letting life happen to us.

When you set you set your clocks forward this weekend, take a minute to ask the Lord to help you not waste time that you could be doing what he has called you to do. Commit to being efficient, living intentionally and strengthening those spiritual energy muscles. Let’s increase our range of service for the Lord. Happy Springing!


“Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.” (Romans 12:11) (NIV)


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