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July 29, 2017

There is one sight prevalent late in the day at any amusement park that you might choose. I’m sure you have seen this very common sight. It is the vision of tired little children on their daddy’s shoulders or being pushed by their parents in a stroller headed for the exit gate.

This is a totally different view of how the day began for them. They came into the park that morning excited and ready to go and do as much as they could as fast as they could. But as the day progressed, they grew weary, and their excitement and energy waned.  They could no longer keep up with all that was out there to do and left to their own wits probably couldn’t find their way out.

As Christians, we have times when we feel like a kid walking into an amusement park. We are excited, and we can’t wait to do something for God. We are attracted to a mission over here and the job at church over there.  We know there is more out there to do and we don’t want to miss it. But, we can no longer keep up the pace. Before we know it, we are weak and weary and can’t find the way out on our own.

Yes, of course, we should serve the Lord, but we must make sure that it what he wants us to do and trust him to empower us to do it.  Even then we will become weary, but we can look up and know that our Heavenly Father is there. He has never taken his eyes off of us. He always knows the way we should take.

I am not suggesting that we have an exit gate to Christian Service, but we do have to stop and regroup from time to time. We can trust God to lead us out to a place of rest and to equip us for the next adventure that he has prepared for us.


“When my spirit grows faint within me, it is you who watch over my way.” (Psalm 142:3) (NIV)


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